Frequently asked questions

What is Strategic Intervention?

What would it feel like to be happy? Feel joy? You have joy in your life right now, but blind to see it. Strategic Intervention is an eye opening experience. The joy is within you. During your consultation with Barb, make sure to ask about SI. Be prepared to smile.

I already have an exit plan. Why do I need you?

Smart move. I don't know if I can help. Let's talk about what you are doing now, I'll give you some ideas, and you can decide whether you need me or not. You might not need my services at all. Or, I may be able to enhance your current program. I'm here if you would like to talk.

How often are the sessions?

Frequency of sessions is an individual decision. Twelve sessions may be scheduled during a three month period, or over a year. (weekly,bi-weekly, monthly, sporadically). You may take breaks for holidays, vacations, etc. You control the schedule. This program is for you.

I already have a professionally written resume.

That is a good first step. The program includes a living resume, which is in addition to what you have already created.