Are You a Walking Wound?

Are you the walking wound in your company?

If you are, you have just put the target on your back.

I have very important news for you:

1.      There is no crying in baseball

Or, healthcare, chemicals, software, consumer goods, manufacturing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, AI, the list goes on and on. If you must cry, go to the appropriate restroom, in the stall, by yourself. Cry quietly.

2.      Nobody cares about your feelings, or outrage.

Nobody cares. Trust me. The HR department that you ran to last month to work out your differences? Looks like you made yourself high profile in a very negative way. Now you must live with it. Or, you can fix it. You are now the problem.

3.      Your job is not an entitlement. Your job is to do your job. Bring value to the company, help make the company profitable.

If you whine long enough and loud enough, you are viewed as the problem. Someone else will replace you and bring value to the company. The job is not your place for a sounding board, or to house your dysfunction. Your job is to do your job. In a positive and constructive manner.

4.      Nobody likes a rabble-rouser, tattle tale, or walking wound.

Don’t be surprised when restructuring hits and there is no place for you.

5.       Stop making yourself the issue. (see #2) To get ahead, be high profile in a positive manner to help the company.

Management - Wake Up!

1.      Slamming your fist on your desk is not communication.

It’s violent behavior. This might have worked in the 90s, not today. Get with it and learn to communicate using non-violent (NV) communication. It’s not that hard.

2.      Stop being such a jerk.

Your snide comments and disrespect are hurting those around you who grew up in a different environment. Learn to motivate with positive and constructive communication. Educate yourself.

3.      Be the adult in the room.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, call me, tell me about your frustrations, and I’ll tell you exactly where you went wrong. The truth will help you. I’m not afraid to shine light on the situation and stand up to you. It’s probably what you need.

4.      Your ego play reveals your weaknesses.

If you want to be viewed as weak, keep it up.

5.      Make yourself big enough to acknowledge the contributions of others.

Listen to your team, learn from them. You can make the work environment a better place. If you do, it’s the magic elixir. An executive presence is created and rarely innate. Focus on your ability to communicate and motivate others. Remember, it’s for the bottom line. And, by focusing on motivating your team you become a true leader.  Isn’t that what you want?


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