Have you Been Turned Down?

Is there life after the rejection letter?

Rejection Letters

Rejection letters were created in the devil's workshop.

When you apply on the companies website for an opened position, you may or may not receive a rejection letter.

Almost all of the time you will receive a receipt for your application. Then, nothing happens. Some companies will send you a rejection letter for the position that you applied for.

Think Like a Headhunter

A rejection letter is such a downer and so final. Who likes being rejected? When I begin working with clients, I start with the stack of rejection letters. To a normal person, a stack of rejections is a sad stack. To a headhunter, it's breakfast. Steel Cut Oats.

Rejection Letter - Candidate Think Rejection Letter - Headhunter Think

My resume stinks Someone made a mistake

I'm too old My timing is off

I have been rejected What's another strategy?

It is never over. Not until you decide to drop the ball.

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